Mindless Jabbering II

Posted: October 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well it is that time of the day when I have rounded off mostly everything and I am back to my good ole PC. I call him FETCH… And Voila he just does that, even after a hard day’s work, I go tick-tack. My day was somewhat mixed one, with dull patches and some interesting pitter-patters. First half went by without getting time to bat my eyelids. But the second half was interesting with the rain pouring in, I stood by the office window, had a bit of tea and went into a world of Trance. Me and my rain filled thoughts had no earthly bondage at that point. I started thinking about the rainy days of my childhood and some fun filled Colege days when life seemed just as easy and smooth as butter. However I jolted back to reality with the rain having stopped and my work starting to knock on my reality window. LIFE IS HARD. Not the way the advert went on air a year back. I am confused and in double minds regarding my career, profession and my personal imbalances. I know I have to walk the mile. Each day it seems harder but as the days pass by I feel like I have crossed few metres of that mile. Sad story, some would say but I would rather stay content with the monotony as they say ‘Beggars can’t be choosers’


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