Reminiscing something…

Posted: October 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

I have often seen people remembering days, moments gone by. Most of the time, these moments cause pain. Today was a day of fun and laughter, but the rain started up making me go back to my bad, sad moments of the past. I felt weak but as I grew weak, my memories grew stronger with each passing moment.

I am in dire straits. I have everything that a human needs to survive. In spite of all that I have a void. I seem to not see people when I talk or walk in the crowd. I play my favourite Artist, without even caring to intently listen to the songs.

I look at my imaginary rucksack and plan to make my trip. My life hs come to an everlasting standstill. The rain wants to wash away my tears, senses of nothingness and sour mood. I stop it from lashing out on me. I shut it out, I try hard to block it from touching my face. Rain’s contact with my skin would surely make me cry. The rain water and the salt mixes well to deceive somebody above, who does not seem to care anymore.

I want to bring back the paper boat days of my childhood when life was just a fresh box of liquor filled chocolates (the cinematic metaphor is an innate film lover’s perspective and not to be taken seriously) and I never knew what I would get in each one of them.

I am left with just the “I”. Nothing else sems to come inside. Nothing else is knocking. Every single scene before my eyes are at a point of an eternal blur. I really do not knwo what I am reminiscing. Is it memories? Are they some childhood stuff? Or is it just a mindset – A thing called “Bliss in Nothingness”?


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