Two Timing

Posted: October 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well I don’t want to take any one by surprise. The tag line is just another god damned tag line for the sake of it.  However the undertone suggests that I am now a pro two timer. All I enjoy now is access my inaccessibility.

I am sure you think I am some mad person up with some of my common antics. But this is not about any serious issue. It’s just about life, which is no more a serious issue for some like us!

Whoa!!! Well frankly, I did not feel the urge to tick-tack for the past few days. Now I am left with my fast-losing memory and fading impact making powers.

I guess, I’m losing it each day. I work at office and think at home! That is surprising isn’t it? I used to reverse that some time back. Somehow I did fit the bill but not anymore.

I work for an organization and at the same time I plan to open a company of my own. Well for quite sometime now, I have only thought of doing this. But now is the time, to think and do the two-timing trick, I have always had a dream of doing.

This weekend I want to create some special news – only for above 18 KIDS! Well yes, I will keep myself posted on my stuff, though they are no where near wild these days. Guess, I’ve lost my LIONESS Skills. Whatever be the case, hitting of to the hills, will take some more time, before I reach somewhere of my own. Till then, my two-timing worlds will have to go on.


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