Back to Back Filmic Solace

Posted: October 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well I watched ‘Wake Up Sid’ and ‘Antoheen’ on Sunday. Antoheen was the second time for me. Wake Up Sid was more of a me being found out! Seriously, any youngster or the young at hearts will be able to relate with the film, so beautifully portraying love, life, goals, connections, passion and human relations. I felt like I was the one behind the camera ore the one who had written out the script. However not sounding overboard, I would rather say that it was my story or anybody like me lost in the race/competition to grow and make it big in this mad bad world. I lost all touch (with the earth) while watching the film. It was so intriguing. Ranbir and Konkona matched the acting shoes too well.

My weekend was indeed a serene one. Sunday offered me to be lost in my thoughts and dreams. I have become more aware of my goals and aims.

Well I sound more like a psychic Leo self yet again. But that is what I am and what I have seen myself to be in my entire life. I have arisen to a better platform. The film had a somewhat positive and a similar impact on me, which I so badly needed for a long time.

I plan to take up life more seriously, explore my creative pursuits and turn the negative into positive. If a filmic journey can bring in so much Solace in a disturbed mind like mine, I am happy that so many like us will also benefit from such Filmic expeditions like Wake Up Sid and Antoheen.

Signing off for now, suits me. So Au Revoir. Waiting for the moment of my return.

Hoping for yet another inspiring “Back to Back Filmic Solace”


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