Some days are Diamonds

Posted: October 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

Some of our days are diamonds. Like some sang their hearts out to prove it so well.

Yesterday was a day filled with memories, realizations, friendship and happiness in new found glorious depression and solitude. Diamonds and Rust are a part of my daily life.

Yesterday filled my fuel for some more days to come.

It is not very easy to become a loner and an indifferent person. It is not like I have transformed into one, but I have always been so. However yesterday brought fond memories of past and conversations from the pages of History.

Back to office, but still humming Denver’s Glorious Song circling Life – Some days are Diamonds – They sure are.

Opting for a well-guarded solitary contentment in the midst of all the jostling. It will take years for the dweebs to understand this situation. Being Dweeb is hard but trying to fall into social spaces is harder. Adapting to the divergent social norms and traditions are an all-time pain. I fall in this category where I have to constantly adapt to the norms and rules of the society, which I do not belong to. I am the king of my heart where there are patches of brainwave functioning. So no worries till I collapse (may be I will) someday.

Maybe I would collapse but I would willingly survive without being mowed down by the bulldozing social patterns!

Let us all be happy for who we are and what we believe in. We all have something to give to our society. It can be anything ranging from an invention to a jerk or may be some kind of reckoning. We all are born to prove our birth and the only way to do so is to do our work and continue doing so.

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