“Ray” of Hope

Posted: October 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

Wish I could write something really interesting on Ray Charles. But no, not only am I unable to write on the legend I am unable to write on today’s details as well. It was a day full of surprises and dreamy renewal of old ties with pals. I feel I am on top of the world.

I was too engrossed to even look at the Office Clock (eevryday I look up on the wall and pray to God that 7 pm just rush fast so that I can come out of my dungeon) as I was busy with my tie renewals. I am elated and feel like shouting as Leonardo had shouted on top of his voice in ‘Titanic’. But Alas! I am a so called sane human living or rather trying to live in a so called “civilized” society where silence is held as priceless and a symbol of etiquette and culture.

Bypassing all these silent nothings, I wade through the shallow crowd. At this very point my mind is overjoyed and leaps to gain a bit of attention and love, and shouts on top its voice. I do hear other faint shouts from here and there. All of the shouts I hear are however muffled and somewhat unclear. Can somebody bring some light? Can anybody do me the favour of pushing me into the deepest ocean where I could freely shout and say what my heart wants to say?

Anybody? Anybody in there? Anybody out there? Anybody? Somebody?…


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