This Bohemian Mind is Perplexed

Posted: November 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

I do not remember that person’s face. I knew that person from my college days.

We did have very little talk… Now as Itry to remember the face, Shakira’s face comes in to light. Shakira with somewhat black and pepper mix of hair… That is all I can put together for the face I try to remember today.

Listening to Phil Collins is not helping me in any way. Blaring ‘Seperated Lives’ is just letting my mind wander off to past and the blurring memories of the past which I hold so dear.

Shakira looks so familiar to the person, it seems to me. Cannot wait to figure out. Confusing but way too dreamy… From the days of my past, I used to love listening to Shakira a lot. Now that the flashes of those days come back, I feel like reliving them. “This is my quest, an impossible dream….”, is all I can sing.

Till I try to remember and settle down with my wandering thoughts, I will have to sign off today… Taking a nice Musical break today. My Sunday is a bit different from the other sundays. I am trying to figure out my life and several other unouched things. Got a lot to do!

Signing off…


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