Give me a Sunbeam…

Posted: November 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

Give Me a Sunbeam… Give me some light so that I can see where I stand. Is it some muck, is it on sand or do I stand nowhere at all? I do not know why I am being such a masochist after all?

Two days do not in any way try to define any emotion, momentum, pace, growth or a relationship. Sometimes I feel and I wish so much that God would have given me with a bit of patience and a bit of more levelheaded thinking processes. I want to dream since I am a dreamer. But I want to stay and make my dreams come true. Is it a fault to ask for this simple thing. I am not asking for more than my heart wants me to ask.

Why do people inflict so much pain and taht too for no reason and without any rhyme. Humans have become so detached that they do not hear the muffled cries and the suppressed tears and inner shouts. Why? Why? Why?

Give me a Sunbeam. Give me back my sanity which you have taken away so leniently. Give me my peace and my way of life. I even fear that my daily life will become somewhat of a burden in sometime soon. I need to stand by myself because I don’t see anybody else standing beside me at this juncture. I do promise that one day life will be different and I will see the much desired SUNBEAM!

Hope keeps us alive (even to this day when hopelessness is a way of living) and hope is the only thing that has kept me moving through the unwillingness to live my life. My life is what I dream of making it and Hope has made it what it is now. Till I find something interesting to jot down, I can only shout from the lonely rooftops – Give Me A Sunbeam…


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