Tossing Up

Posted: November 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

Writing Salad Recipes for my website today. What a laughable thing to crack my brains (a precious one I suppose) up for. Whatever be the case, I had a bad day with a bit of wordplay with my parents. I stormed off without waving my hands. I have become an insolent maniac who does not quite connect with the hustle bustle of this noisy world.

Coming to today’s fresh thoughts, I am in a somewhat peaceful state of mind since I have started to accumulate my thoughts. I have taken a back foot stance to play my present shots. Since I believe I am unable to play with the super powers or the forces, I will be deciding to stay put and see what course my life takes. I will not force myself to die the death I was considering even yesterday. In fact I would suffice with the life I have now.

Tossing up salad recipes is after all not a bad thing to do to stay sane and calm. I will not force either myself or anybody to come my way. However I expect myself to do wonders like the fabulous salad recipes (which are held as bland ones but they serve an exceptional nutrient value for our body) and strike the right chord someday very soon.

I may deny the fact that I am a optimist, but the truth is I always dream of bigger and better things. So I cannot be a Pessimist as I have always been an Optimist and led my life full of dreamy paths. Most of the dreams I have dreamt, have either easily offered to me or I have achieved in the long run. There are a book full of dreams and desires that are left to be fulfilled. But I am sure and I do firmly believe that they are just waiting to be bloomed (either by the cosmic forces or by me, myself and more).

Till then, Tossing up will have to suffice…


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