Washing my mind’s Toxins

Posted: November 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

Lazy Sunday morning (with the woofer volume full up) is washing away all the Toxins of the mind. Do not really get time on Sinday’s to do the natural healing process. Today gearing up the minds for another weekly battle. Well that is what modern lives have turned out to be. The weekend is needed to prepare the mind for the week ahead. It is no more like the old days when people used to enjoy their weekends forgetting all the work, blues and the world outside your home and the knwo nterritory.

The modern day has swept us of our peace and serenity. Even on leisurely hours (this is so true, when I am writing this I am actually thinking of the office work that needs to be sought in a meetng or some lose work thought has already crept my mind by now!) we constantly think of our survival strategies or how to make more money or just how to trip somebody and show our great potential at work (in front of our boss that is). The modern day has given us all the freedom and things we never dreamt of even dreaming but sideways it has left us bereft of all the presious feelings of longing, peace, love, togetherness and bonding.

That sure calls life! Life is only more meaningful these days when you cannot enjoy listening to some old records. I say this because because that is the general feeling. I am just drawing a ean of all the common feelings felt by us all. The lazy sunday has already started keeping me on tenterhooks. I have already started forgetting my TOXIN WASHING and have switched back to my Office mode. Tomorrow is still many more hours away and I have only few hours of tensed nail biting to do before I actually start making up my mind to gear up, fully charged for the week starting tomorrow.

Till whatever, ‘washing my toxins’…


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