Marring Morning

Posted: November 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

I really had no intention to make my morning look unsound or ugly. My day was made with some good news from here and there. In spite of all that I saw the morning news alert. The most depressing morning news was of Manu Sharma having allegedly visited a night club on PAROLE!

THE MANU SHARMA the killer of Jessical Lal is roaming free and even visiting the most cool night club in Delhi. What is wrong with our society. What can’t these maniacs be put behind bars. We are having debates on Global Village and Environment Friendly Awareness Campaigns. Then why can’t our society show a bit willingness to be sane and legal. Jessica has died but her soul will never be in peace if these things are going to continuously hamper her soul’s integrity. Manu Sharma’s mother being ill has made sure that her son be granted bail, in spite of the criminal being judged a life in jail by the Supreme Court! Sharma’s father is also  a high profile ex-minister of the Haryana government. The present Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit has willingly granted the application for parole for Manu.

Where are all the influential people of our state who does not seem to watch all this? Another depressing query goes out to the popular Delhi Club from my side. Why is the club so reluctant to stop Manu from entering? Are they so very willing and law abiding that they want to stick to their support for the high society brats and B******s? Where is the answer? We have not and never will forget the trauma that our society has suffered because of the tragedy surrounding Jessica. We as society people should stick on with her and fight for her cause. Although our wings are chained we need to continue with doing what we meek ones do best. Raise and keep raising our voice, until it reaches the zenith. That will be the proper outlook for the society people.

Hold on Jessica, hold on, don’t throw your hands. Light will shine, how late it may turn out to be…


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