Get Up Stand Up!

Posted: November 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

The other day I was depressed that Manu Sharma visited a posh Delhi night club when actually he was on Parole. That criminal has been put behind bars due to all the buzz created by the man’s visit at the party zone.

Well my head is full with the Marley jiving Get Up Stand Up groove. I am at peace. AT LAST. Debates were being held in the Electronic Media yesterday. How peaceful that can be. Well things have taken a nice turn. Thanks Manu for inspiring me to write on you! What a shame! I of all people is wasting my time on a lumpen and a  imbecile person like you.

Well life has become that boring. I am tick-tacking on Manu and not Late. Jessica. Sorry Jess, you stay happy and cool as you always were. My prayers for you. Sing with me – Get Up Stand Up and your heart will fall into place.

My Marred Monday has been fixed and fixed very well. I think I will be springing back to my glory very soon. Yesterday my happiness knew no bounds. Seeing all politicians, Media persons, celebs and powerful people jostling the TV space to give their galled speeches on Manu and his power-play made my day. My mind was at all time high seeing all the goodness (however forced it may seem or sound) around me being brought up.

Even the boring PC is seemingly becoming an exciting thing to look at. What a sea-change I have had since yesterday. Only yesterday I was thinking that my life is like that of Pakistan Government (how much they shout or fret they have zero power to change their surrounding situation caused by the Taliban power) but today morning I find myself fresh with a fresh gush of positive thoughts. Till I find myself up with another fury, I will be taking my time off.

Adios All…


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