On Friendship

Posted: November 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

Friendship is a beautiful thing which lets a human live life to the brim. I read an interesting article today. It is said that Eskimos are the only race who are said to have more than a hundred expressions and meanings/synonyms for snow. What a great revelation that was. English language regarded as the most popular language in the world has failed to provide such an innovative discovery.

We have great opportunities and spaces to achieve different meanings for different expressions and words. This goes out for Love.  Friendship is also very near to achieving that feat. Friendship has such  simplicity that we just add up certain adjectives which not just simple but are equally sweet as expressions. While differentiating meanings, we use Close, Best, Good, Trusted, Intimate, True as prefixes to bring out the proper expression for how intense the Friend or the Friendship is. We just differentiate the meanings by just adding simple adjectives to the word. However simple the outcome may sound, in actuality the impact is great. There is no denying the fact that these simple adjectives add fresh levels of supremacy. The sense of infinite expression is added.

I do not need to write what is the meaning of a Friend. Words can never be able to define the meaning of friendship. Friends in all earnestness are special and add that dash to our lives. As humans we are unable to choose our family but we are free to choose the infinite possibilities in choosing our friends. Whatever choices we make in our lives are some way or the other surrounded or influenced by our friends and our levels of friendships shared by us.

What we are or what we become are all because of whom we choose as friends. Friends reflect our senses, perceptions, perspectives and imageries of our life. Making friends all the way only reflect what and who we are.

Keep making friends or reflect on the value of friendship in your lives and see where you stand or want to stand.

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