Fears of KFF Battle

Posted: November 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

I took up the whole day to decide what to write. The morning started off fast paced as I had to come to office very early. The reason being the KFF. I plan to watch at least one film today. However my writing mind is not quite ticking today. Feeling very languid but cannot really figure out the problem or the source of it .

I am having a severe leg pain. I have a battle to fight tonight with all the maddening jostling and shoving for the G-Spot (well that is what some us call Nandan’s perfect seats) in order to watch the film peacefully without having to sit on the ground. I am sick and tired of sitting on the red carpet. When I was a child I often dreamt of walking the red carpet, and just see where I stand today that even if I own a D.Card for the Film Fest I have to sit on the ground spraining my shoulders and the entire scapula region!

Last year and many years in the past have seen me returning home with an immovable shoulder. This year I fear I will have a bigger battle because the “Film Lovers ” population is an ever increasing phenomenon.

I have fears whether I will be able to connect with you tomorrow, because of the pushing, fighting and muscle spraining happening (a probable occurrence ) tonight. If I live to see a new tomorrow then certainly I will provide an insight in to the film I watch tonight. The film that I have selected to watch today is called ‘Flame and Citron’, a very popular 2008 Danish film based on II World War. Let’s see what I have in store tonight.

Till everything (depending on tonight), signing off…


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