Posted: November 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

Could not attend the KFF yesterday as planned. I had planned it so well that I even carried my favourite white Jovan with me. But alas! My weird antics left me with my work and absence from ‘Nandan Chattar’. This last term will probably be understood only by Bongs. Sorry for the ones who do not understand. Nandan Chattar when translated in English means Nandan Area! 🙂 Laughs. But that is sounding so distant from the real ‘Nandan Chattar’ as felt by all the pseudo-intellectuals like us. I use the word pseudo because once an alleged close friend of mine told that all intellectuals like me were pseudo.

At that point I did not get this straight. Now I understand what actually was meant by it all. The ones who wear long Kurtas, keep a stubble and blabber on Tarkovsky and Kieslowski (without knowing or deeply perceiving the cinematic brilliance dealt by the legends) are the villains. They are the ones who make the pure intellectuals like us seem like the pseudos which is quite obviously not the case. This is sounding more like the case where when POTA (a famous Bong Lad popular for belting out heart rending Baul songs) sings better than Goutma Chattapadyay (this cannot get more absurd than this). A song’s depth or feeling cannot be bettered by a singer who is singing a song created by the artist long ago.

How hard I try to diverge from the depressing Mess, I cannot quite console myself that it is 13th of November and I have not yet watched a single film at the KFF. The situation is getting harder each day. I have decided not to carry my Jovan anymore (risking my entire day’s toil to pile up on my mind and body! :)) and just go and watch a film on any day randomly. Planning surely kills the cat. A big cat (a Lion rather) like me gets killed every time it plans out a stupendous event or a happening. History says that whenever I have tried to plan out an event I have miserably failed.

Had a severely bad mood but this tick-tacking is taking away all the pain and mess. More mess unfolds… Till (something) Messed will be here.



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