Mindless Jabbering III

Posted: November 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hello there! A nice morning to start off with (since I was not carrying my cam I could click a brilliant shot with my mind’s eye ) This was on my way to office when I fixed my eyes on a very high road side banner where a man was fixing the pole and painting. The sun and the top most region of the banner coincided beautifully to form a nice shade.

I am wearing my favourite shades (Grey and icy blue). I was waiting for the cosmic connection the entire day (whole of my Yesterday was pent waiting ). I repeatedly (for some unknown reason) listened to ‘Yellow’. I have a very important meeting today which I don’t know how finely I will handle with my present state of mind. My mind in a maze. To be or not be that is becoming an everyday question at the moment.

I expected somebody to call, mail or message yesterday. But since that has not happened I am back to where I belong – nothingness. The breaking point has been there for a while. In spite of that I have kept my nerves and kept it very low to avoid breakage. Using DOVE BREAKAGE THERAPY has not helped either! 🙂 Again I will be returning to my shell to do the required mindless pondering (which will obviously be of no help at all ). Striking back would not be easy it seems. I wish I had a Bohemian style Car like that of SWADES’s SRK (anybody watched the film would understand what I am hinting at!) in which I could drive off to the far end of the town where no lights and minimum level of sound form a blurring image.

Till I find the desired THING coming to me, I have no choice but “slip slide away“.


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