KFF – ‘Kya Faltu Films’

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Uncategorized
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This was the reaction. KFF – Kolkata Film Festival 2009 was a major waste of time and money. We all know that the budget was lesser (than the previous years) in 15th KFF. Whatever be the case, this year’s selection was very poor.

Setting up the masters like Bimal Roy, Andrei Wajda, Elia Kazan and several others could not save the grace of the Film Festival which is a much awaited event for the film lovers of Kolkata. Yesterday, 15th November had a somewhat good screening of films at Nandan I. But overall the film festival just fell flat on its face. It was rather a disgraceful event to say the least. The contemporary films are usually attractive but they were very drab and dull to the core.

We all started wondering what actually happened to spell such a looming doom on the grand event. After analyzing everything I could actually come to the conclusion that besides Pedro, some Russian and Mediterranean the International Film Scenario has actually stagnated. There are no films  that are worth mentioning. Or else why would there be repeated screenings of old films. There was massive mismanagement from the Nandan officials. Wrong timings, wrong screenings, wrong information and cuts in screenings (massive) and disorganized film festival management kept the ‘filmic minds’ fuming and fretting continuously.

There was a widespread joke this year which went like – Next year there would be probable screenings of modern commercial Bengali films (like Prem Amar, Mon Mane Na, etc, etc). Such was the discontent and ire from the film lovers’ viewpoint. This year the usual enthusiasm was missing as well. People found confused film crowds at the ‘Nandan Chattar’. The intellectual levels usually present at KFF was hard to find. The reason was quite obvious. 2008 already showed enough degeneration and discontents galore. 2009 just seemed well fitting.

15th KFF will relive in the memories of many for being a festival of most things worst. These things have not happened for a long time. Few souls were required to be stirred. Whatever the budget of a festival be, the ultimate goal is to pull up a good festival with proper arrangement of best (from the available lists) film screenings. That is the thing followed by mostly all the prestigious film events held nationally and internationally.


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