A Dull Day

Posted: November 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

I did not really have the urge to blabber on my blog without any reason or rhyme. So I decided to stay silent for sometime. Well the period of silence is somewhat over. I say somewhat because I have to drag myself to enter the keys.

Ii is indeed a Dull Day. This is a pathetic phase. The head is bent towards persistent “Psychedelic” music listening session. Nothing is registering here at the moment. My state is similar to that of Singer Kabir Sumon who is presently neither a properly functioning politician nor a proper singer/artist. I have also turned somewhat like him with my heart willing something “above the rainbows” and my head saying something linked to the ground. My work has not helped me keep off my mind from all these doldrums. Usually it does assist in spite of all the curses it receives each day from my side.

My inactive syndrome is fast catching up. I am finding it hard to ideate and put in some words to my thought. A Dull Day Indeed where the winds of change are no where to be seen. Till I find enough purpose and willingness to write my thoughts I will have to suffice with this chilling DULLNESS. ADIOS……


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