Magical Weekend

Posted: November 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

I had a truly beautiful weekend. After a long time everything turned out just right for me. There was detachment, enjoyment, party, fun and laughter and most importantly there was some real intellectual conversations. I was with my friend and some common pals. We met up after ages. The boat ride at Ganges was thrilling. It seemed like I was spending those moments after ages. Recently I have created a shell around me. But my friends helped me see life in a new light.

I spent on a classic PROVOGUE Pullover! It looks and feels brilliant. I sang my heart out till late at night. Both Saturday and Sunday was full of surprises. I was in for some regular shocks (there were some eery moments). We had conversations and feelings of Deja Vu every hour. I tried not to concentrate on the day but I tried to lean more on the momentary madnesses.

I was saved. I got a new gush of fresh air. Hopes flew freely. Magical air was revived. Aeons ago my heart used to move like the lightning and the gazelle. But now the movement needs to get pushed each time because the wheels of the heart have worn out. It needs to have a fresh paint each time before a movement is to be made.

Things could not get better than this. We the mere mortals need assurances all the time. And this goes out even when we are to just live our life like the way a zombie lives it. So be it. I am being, whatever I need to be…


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