Fauvism bent mind

Posted: November 25, 2009 in Uncategorized
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You got it right. Since Yesterday I have started believing that I have turned (probably) into a FAUVE. I am terming myself a fauve, because I have stopped acting to the emphasized modern concepts, the notable madness and the simplified designs of the complex human mind maps. It is of course irrelevant to even speak of the change in nature. Since wild beasts are the ones who pump intensity and meaning to the meaningless society anyway, so I thought my thought sharing would be held in context.

I am turning into a real Fauve. I have even stopped expressing in terms. Rather I have taken up a non-naturalistic vibrant mode of primary focus. The focus is on life and times at the moment. Unlike a Fauve my focus is not yet shifted towards Inspiration and Impression. Although my motif is presently based on uncontrolled, intense and abrasive juvenile styles and patterns, but I promise to come up soon with more expression. Deviating from being a Fauve would be somewhat difficult but since the foundation is on a rocking stone, I will have to go separate ways.

I do not know whether this would be an inspiration ever, but my quest would be to bring out an Impression or an Expression of some kind. As we know that Fauvism was a short lived movement which dissipated. Expressionism and Impressionism (I am talking in line with the mind’s movement! I am a nobody in Art.) made it possible for the Fauves to come to the light. I might sound absurd but I know that someday my words will fall into the right ears. That day we will rejoice. Our society will be full of more Fauves to bring out the hidden fire. Fauves will never die. Fauves and Fauvism might be a forgotten identity but till my mind is bent on it, the fire will be there.

The quest of a Fauvism bent mind is an evergreen thing. Damage of the mind is possible only when the Fauve is willing.


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