Serves Right

Posted: November 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

Sometimes, we are pushed by destiny so hard that we come face to face with the most unwanted circumstances. Sometimes we are often forced to come in the middle of evertything that we so want to avoid or just stash aside. We often find ourselves enmeshed in situations and circumstances where there is actually no clearview of the momentary picture or the future road. The mesh leaves our mind blank with no real solution or mind talks/techniques that we continue doing with ourselves. I have faced this in the past few hours of my life.

I thought or rather I used to think that I really got over with my answerable life path. It had been a long time since I had to answer queries or glances of hatred and suspicion. But alas! I was proved wrong by destiny. I was in deep pain to see my close relations going all confusing and awry.

My mother often used to tell, that I should stop expecting so much goodness (in return that is) from people around me. I used to think that she was just passing her opinion on to me. But today I have started believing that DREAMY eyes do not bring ice-creams in your life. DREAMY eyes are a form of curse in people’s lives.

I have been served quite right, it seems. I had expected a bit of tenderness and love and care in return. I was shown the door. I am content with it. At least I have hit the rough edged rock with my bare feet. This will surely prove good for me. I will come back with the never dousing flames that are inherent in a fire sign like mine. All the pains and sorrows and little diasppointments make us fight-worthy each day. I have had my full share of fight-worthiness in my life.All the things I talk of here have surely brought in great lenghths of fiery strength in me.

We all should be thankful if we are shown the bad signs some time or the other. I say this because it surely makes us stay more grounded and makes us think in higher maturity levels.

I would like to end on a poetic note –

Would have loved to end it all, finally seen it all.

Would have liked to take the call, finally I have seen it all.

It makes sense when you get hurt more often than not,

You are served right, when you have neither flame nor fright.

All the pains gather to form a streak of maddening maturity,

It serves us right, it often makes sense, to form a line.

… Finally I have seen it all,

I have taken to the call, I sure have seen it all.


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