NO Heading!

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

I really cannot take Kolkata anymore. Today a non-existing political entity like BJP is creating such a massive ruckus on the Kolkata streets, that I am left with no other choice but to rethink my decision of staying here in this blurring city.

The morning news of IT HUB being affected and the most significant DLF building in Salt Lake has enraged many of us. We have almost stopped questioning post Nandigram. But what is wrong with the governance and the security system? The cops were shown standing like zombies when party hooligans were setting buses and taxis on fire today morning. What a shame to even sit at home and keep watching all this, when all I wanted to do was go to office and start off my work after a long weekend?

West Bengal’s future is becoming bleak each day. I wonder what orders were given to the police forces when the BJP cadres were gleefully demonstarting their existence on our streets? Where in Constitution do we have that the strikes and hartals will give full access to the party people to harm the people and the public set-ups? Constituion just gives us the right to state our grievances or put up our shows in order to say what is wrong and and what should not be. That is what democracy meant till now! But no more. Because even the shops (the most common ones like the tea stalls, etc) are being pulled down by parties or powers who are playing from behind the curtains. Why else or how else could a non-existing party like BJP’s could play with public sentoments.

Footages showed that personal cars were stopped by political Goondas and keys were taken away. People of Kolkata have never witnessed such Goondaism ever! Why would we return to this state? What else is left to return here? Is a “MAMATA-LESS” (in Bengali meaning Careless) West Bengal or a non-Budhha (Buddhha here is used in terms of the enlightened soul) West Bengal calling us? Do we go for the well-set trap yet again? The answer is falling off the deep edges of a mountain…


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