Scattered Light

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

When you start assuming that you have hit the rock bottom or something like you have reached a dead end – Boom comes a thing, incident or a person who lends you the much needed break. The desired/needed solace may often be in the form of an inanimate object or your thoughts! In my case it was a fine blend of real background coated with some inspiring thoughts (which again formed due to the impact of the contact).

Yes I have met quite a few of such inspiring stories/options in the last few days. Just when I was beginning to turn my head from the world for the nth time, I got it all. I just got it all, all that I needed to whiz back to glory (a personal one!). The nature of the meetings/conversations/incidents/thoughts, or whatever I want to say or write, seemed like unworldly. I was truly speechless. There were so many times when my heart ached to add a few words to the moments. But the moments just passed by keeping me basking in my new found SCATTERED LIGHT zone.

How simple life can be at times. We all think that we as humans have the power to predict all that is coming to us or not coming (this is so very true in my case). Most of my time is wasted in thinking that things or happenings, achievements or dreams are not coming my way. But commonly have I been caught unawares. I have been directed to a spot where there is a possibility of blinding light.

I dreamt yesterday – I was riding a bike and while turning by lane, I caught someone’s face. My eyes were glued. The momentary bliss was heavenly. The traffic ahead was not in my head. My bike suddenly hit a post. The shattering silence and the Bliss came together to form an ethereal Scattered Light. How I wish I could make you understand the sheer beauty of the Thought/Dream or whatever you want to say. That is why they say that it is easier to think than to express. Sometimes it is not the words that we fall short of but the entire clarity in expressing the beauty of a thought falls short. This is where we end up in having a Scattered Light, but surely a light. Thanks to whoever or whatever (unable to express) has brought out this Solace in a mind that had long forgotten to strike a tune…


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