Posted: December 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

Moments ago my day was made. I was sitting on my desk with a criminal instinct! Just then my sister came online! Voila my day was made. It felt like I just got a release from my prison. Memories were instantly dug up. And we all know what memories bring…. They bring precious little diamonds and rust. If she visits my blog she will be thrilled to know that I have actually wrote about the momentary chat session. We are torn apart with thousand miles of distance between us. In spite of all that our heart remains in the right place.

Today so far has been really uneventful until my sister came along to save and make my day ahead for a few more days to survive. Each day makes me realize how vulnerable we humans are. We may sound or feel steely from outside, but the true picture is so very different. As emotional fools, we are left with no other option but to hope and expect some heavenly hand in our daily lives. Our hopes cry out for some real help that makes each of our days worth living and mentioning in the days to come. Memories are made on moments and on the days that we pass by.This is the reason I hit out on my blog, even though there is no happening or event worth counting. But in the hope that when I grow old I would cherish these little memories, I write out my journeys, how little or insignificant they might sound.

Till something jazzy comes out here (in this little corner) I will stick to my memories full of DIAMONDS AND RUST. Joan is you are still listening, how I thank you each day for writing out this personal song. Thank You!


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