I want you, I need you…

Posted: December 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

Winter is here…. I usually leap with joy when the chills set in but this year my mind is somewhere else. I have started thinking about fancied possibilities like going off to some far off place with a bag on by back and a penny to my name. 🙂

Well, I come back and go off to a blurring distance so often these days, that my power to hold myself up becomes somewhat loose. I say a little prayer… My mind is heavier than ever, as I cannot express the real things to the inanimate one… If I do sound rude, I cannot help myself from being anymore precise.

I have seen it all. I want the object badly (however inanimate or far fetched it may seem and sound). Why do Gods play it so rough these days I really do not get.

Songs stop in the mid-way. Dreams are cut short. Words are left unspoken. Thoughts are left in the middle. Labour has no hope in Love so quite obviously Love’s Labour’s Lost… lost badly in the maddening war of mediocrity…


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