Broken Sky

Posted: December 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Today I felt like writing a Bengali poem.

“Hoito aakash bhenge pore achhe amar i ghorer ak kone,

mon meghla, poth prodorshok, sthaner i ak khonje.

jontrona-preeshtho obanchhoniyo akta praner kotha,

meghla moner, rikto prante shoto shohosro mukhosh je achhe gaatha.

ektu firiye takai na je keu, ektu bose obantor bok bok…

moner kone, hothat megh,

mon kharaper aakash pore ache bhenge amar ghorer i kone,

kuriye pawa kichhu shopno, kichhu dhora kichhu odhora,

ghure barai, ghore kone kone.”

– angana

Translated In English

Broken Sky

Broken sky, much like the scattered heart lay astray,

In the corners of my room, lie the clouded heart.

I can’t help but look at it at dismay.

The wandering mind wanders only to find a home,

Broken sky…In the corners of my room…lie the clouded heart.

This is just another story, of just another heart’s bloodshed,

well scripted in detailed gory.

In the clouded heart, one tries to wear a thousand masked identities,

Empty fields and barrenness of the mind,

is left with scars galore.

Blank corners of the room gives place to the Broken Sky,

Wait up somebody, calling out your name,

Nobody turns, sitting for a while is a distant reality.

Empty mind, empty sky…

Barren thoughts, Futile dreams bring in crass vitality!

Pocket full of dreams, picked up from roadside,

Lay here and there…

Wandering Mind,

…the scattered heart lay astray…

The corners of my room…

Broken Sky, fly high,

Broken Dreams fly just higher…


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