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Silence (in Bengali)


Ghum Porir Deshe Ak Odbhut Nistobdhota,

Nischup Ghum  Porir Shohore, Monthor Elo Melo Kobita.

Akla Stobdho Podokhyep, Monthor Neemogno Moleen Mounota,

Shopno-Bastob shob mile mishe akakar,

Mon nodir majhi paari diyechhe maajh nodite ak prokar!

Ghum Porira Aaj Boddo Klanto, Nishobdo Khunje barachhe tara,

Ak Elo Melo Shopno-Bastober Meelon Khetre.

Ei Ki cheyechhile tumi?

Akla Stobdho Podokhyep?

Akta Sara Jagano Monthor Elo Melo Kobita?

E Mounotar Nei Je Kono Kul,

Moleenota tai sara jagiyechhe opaar,

Noishobde, shara diye jeyo go ak aadh baar.

Neemogno Mounotai, Moleen Noishobde,

Chhuye Jeo Ak Baar, Dakha Diyo Ak Bar.

Silence (Translated from original )

There is deafening Silence in the Angel’s World,

Silent Slumber in the streets of Angel World.

This is a poem which is born in a maze,

Silent Footsteps, Resounding Silence constantly forming a Haze.

Real- Unreal plays on…

Mind-river has been oared in the midway.

Tired Sleep Angels search for Silence,

The search carries on and on and on…

Real- Unreal play on to form something surreal,

tonight somewhere in the fields of the mind.

Is this what you really waited for so long?

A stopped footstep?

Or a popular rhyme-less poem like mine?

This Silence has no Boundary,

That’s the reason why I mentioned blurry borders on the territory.

Do Knock on the Silence at times,

To make it resound with Deep Numbness and Blurry Vacuum.

Touch Me Deep in the night, when the world is in deep slumber,

Wave at me when the moon is the silent player…


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