We saw it coming

Posted: December 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

We saw this frenzied time coming. West Bengal is in a boiling state. The daily massacres are creating a havoc. There is fear of more murders and bombings to continue. The raw enmity between the two leading parties have come out in the open. The innocent hundreds are bearing the brunt each day.

The villages and the districts of West Bengal are the worst affected. Everyday headlines come with the open wounds of our much disturbed state. The visuals are not just disturbing but are seriously unnerving. Nobody is sure as to what the next morning will come with.  The political mess was an inevitable result. But where have the political responsibilities gone? The much promised peaceful state of affairs are a far cry.

Today’s dailies had a blaring image of a little girl wounded with shrapnel. She belongs to some village in Habra. She was just about to enjoy a fine winter morning in an art competition when a shrapnel hit her and her world fell apart. The safe feeling had been disturbed for her forever. There are several similar stories in West Bengal presently. The political rivalries have hit all highs. Nobody is feeling safe and sound anymore.

We the urban people are shifting in our seats in full-on uneasiness. The political spell will surely spill from the villages to the cities as well .Only time will say when. We saw all this coming. We saw the madness and the run for lives long before. We saw but we kept mum as time immemorial. We saw it coming… We knew it all… The madness will blow out in larger proportions only when we think all the madness has subsided a bit…


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