Mind on the Clouds

Posted: December 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

I don’t know how many of us  believe the astrology forecasts or the natal charts daily speaks. But today of all days came with a strange awakening. Just when my mind felt lighter and travelled the clouds, I saw my forecast actually saying that my mind would judge it best to stay in the clouds and wait till the storm was over.

I would like to dedicate my thoughts to a great Spiritual teaching I came across –

“…On that side, beyond the clouds,
The mountain is blue-green as jade
The white clouds on the mountain
Are whiter than white
From the spring on the mountain,
Drop after drop
Who knows how to see the face
In the white clouds?
Clear skies and rain have their times,
They’re like lightening
Who knows how to listen to the
Sound of this spring?
It flows on without stopping
Through thousands
And thousands of turns
The moment before thought
Is already wrong
To try to say anything further
Is embarrassing…”

I wanted to tell so much more but after going through the words above there is nothing else left for me to speak. The expressions and the depth are too strong and too silent to create anymore noise. I am scared that even Zen has found me out. We may not often believe in the unspoken and the unseen but the wheels of destiny prove it so well that they are there, their existence will ever be so even if we do not care to vouch for their presence.


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