whole lotta love

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

Whole lotta love is what i am feelin… whole lotta love is what i wanna go givin… 2010 is just hours away and I can’t keep my head from reelin…. coz, after light there sure is a song – I am free, free fallin….

The rest is for time to say… coz I know that “…I’ve got time on my hands…” and I also know that probably “…time don’t run out on me…”…. after every other thing there comes a reeling feeling to spread the word around, to mix all that we feel and throw them up in the air….

You got to feel this lovin’ feelin’, when the world is busy reeling – as once a great man said that new year should be themed on ‘…Give peace a chance’, I found it relevant to share my loving thoughts and wishes with the world. Hope I am taken in the right way. I really don’t care how I am taken, but this time around I want this loving and reeling feeling to seep inside, deep inside till there is no need for pumped emotions…

Snippets of the last shot of ‘Perfume – the story of a murderer’ is filling my mind today. The uncanny feeling that arose when we watched the protagonist vanish after throwing up his perfumed body for the masses… has struck me today morning. I can’t explain, I can’t express, I can’t elaborate, I can’t explicate on this theory (if at all you wish to call it one!) any further. After all itz just a feeling – a reeling feelin’ to share the ‘whole lotta love’ I feel inside my soul…

Enjoy the year ahead and letz hope for a better tomorrow and a peaceful world around us… Hope is still the rope…!


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