Posted: January 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

All I say (and try to believe) is – Nothing is mine, this I am not, this is not my self…. this (referring to all that I have and all that I see, feel and possess) is not mine. Everything I come across, all that I explore, gain, gather and accumulate has relevance in making me. The relevance of life is in the thoughts. Thoughts follow certain steps which further go on to shape our lives.

I was disturbed yesterday hearing somebody say that it is best to stay (suppress oneself to stay that way) so detached as to stop all forward movements in life. Then I made myself think that what could be the point of relevance for that person in saying or believing in such an absurd thing. I shut my mind for a few moments (which seemed like ). Then the thoughts started to form into a whole bubble (after all we all live inside a bubble!). Without piercing it I could think clearly that why would a person actually believe¬† that it was best for him/her to stop the growth process. The outcome was that – A person could possibly detach oneself to be within him/herself. This was a conscious process of the mind. But there was another thing attached to this one. A person’s continuous connection with the conscious and the subconscious meddled up and formed a conflict. A person actually trying to suppress or discontinue his/her potentials went on to do so without consciously realizing that he/she is actually doing it after a point of time.

The point of relevance was found. I found it apt. I was trying to construct a mind-model of that person. But I failed badly. I just came out with the fact that there are happenings, reasons, events or certain unexplained things which occur in people’s lives that go on to make them a shirker or in a more positive word, a forced detachment player. There is no question of positive or negative in it. But I do not know why I felt an urge to find the root of such a disturbing thought. There was no rhyme or rhyme in doing so…

…But then again the stark opposites in our lives made it simple for me to come to a conclusion. Life has its relevance. The thoughts and the conflicts in them make the relevance stronger. Everything we see, believe, feel, point, fight and explicate has relevance and strong connections with each other. Relevance is formed with connections and connectivities. As mere mortals we find it hard to see with our naked eyes. We fail to see with the mind’s eyes.

Life seemed easier again. Questions and answers are so similar at times. There is no need (at times) to find the answers because there is the existence of the questions. We question consciously when the subconscious is all about knowing the answers. We just need to be more friendly with our softer and stabler subconscious. That is when we would achieve the finer path of enlightenment.


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