Halfwitted Status Updates

Posted: January 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

I was seriously enraged by the fact that such a shallow handling of serious issues can be done on social networking platforms. For the last two days there has been thousands of status updates which state the bra colours of the women users. This internet meme has really bugged me. Why and how would revealing one’s bra colour help spread the cause of Breast Cancer Awareness??!!

I think either I am seriously shortsighted or there is some severe misunderstanding and misjudgment of serious issues in our society. Breast Cancer is a serious and  a very tender issue. I fail to understand how some innocent and homely woman from some foreign state just circulates a mail and urges user to reveal their bra colours and then expects to make people aware of it?? HOW?? Can anybody answer my question??

Isn’t it utterly stupid and callous of all the people who participated in such a crazy race to show nothing related to the concern in hand but join a race to come out with a fashion statement. That is what I have concluded. The enormous madness in mentioning the colours and also replying (to queries, fellow users’ comments, etc) with smile symbols left me mad. I guess I am being too emotional but I simply could not believe that the most educated and the so called class conscious people/peers valiantly (we would have shined and excelled if we would have shown the same valour for real causes and taken up the real challenge to fight for serious issues) charged to place their statements and also shockingly snub the male friends when the latter asked as to what the entire thing was about!!

This is nothing but being an idiot bitten by the craze created by the ominous (at times) social networking platforms. We must join hands to seriously increase awareness for the disease which is fast growing like a wild fire rather than sit and create the gooey things by updating statuses on the bras or underwear and the colours we wear !! To hell with the brazenness of all and sundry who failed (and fail each day) to understand the seriousness of issues. Certain issues and things need to be dealt differently rather than ill-treat it or mistreat it by spreading faux awarenesses.

Let us all grow up a bit. Let up look forward and create something valuable. Why do we need to waste our time and energy on things that we dimly understand?! Till I take a shower or get a chunk of ice placed on  my head, I find it hard to come back here as this is also one form of networking. I have been so intimidated yesterday that I need some time to recuperate from the shock……

P.S.  Let us all pledge to fight and make people aware of Breast Cancer. I believe there are some sensible ones who would take up the real challenge and fight for the cause without showing fake concerns for the cause. We are a real society and there is no way that internet can damage our real emotions, thoughts and passions.

  1. Aditi Banerjee says:

    You said the truth and in the right way. I never knew that women, too, can be so dumb to choose a way like flaunting their bra colours online to censure people on such a sensitive issue. What a shameless way to use a social networking site…


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