What is back?

Posted: February 5, 2010 in Uncategorized
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That dazed feeling is back here. I find no rhyme, no rational rhythm in this state. Long have I found myself placed atop unfounded tact, acts and dilemmas. That supremely misleading thoughts have knocked on me yet again. I had nearly given up when the blow by blow confusion struck me out from nowhere – that nowhere, the ultimate vacuum where I am so rightly placed at the moment. The more I wade through the hard water, the more is the suffocating inability to wade through… Neither is there a way to move forward, nor a place to move back… So what is back? When the lightning strikes, the burns are not felt as hard as the blinding light.

Sometimes when our life is too full with all the darkness the blinding light remains no more a positive turn. The lightning in a dark dreamy night is something unasked and unwanted for.

A Bengali poem that I so tried (and failed everytime) to formulate…

Aalo thakuk andhare ghera Aalor i Aashai

Din chole jai, …. ki jaani kiser ashai…

Raat boye jai, …. ak boddhhyo chinta-bakser bhaashai…

ki ki hariyechhi tar nei kono heesheb,

chawa pawar shaad boddo shaadheen…

din chole jai, raat boye jai…

mon bhebe bhebe, more ghure ghure,

jug parapar, hothat elomelo shopno canvas,

ekhane aandhar baash kore…. dure kothao dakha dai, majhe majhe,

alor chhotak…. alor shopno chhetano, ekhane shekhane, kaachhe, dure, dure…”


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