Posted: March 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Just when I thought I had gotten over all the back-stabs and bulshitting peers, I was struck just a few days back. I will never again show the non-regal side of a Lion. Well this goes out to all the people who forget to behave in a professional manner with their colleagues. Here is a simple advise from a nobody –

Do not ever try to talk lighter things or act lightly with anybody in office. Even when you find a nice chatty environment around you, do not forget to present your steely side. They will remember you as a good soul even if you do not show your personal side in office. That sure is the rule of the game.

It is not that we are not professional in approach but the problem lies in showing kindnes to the dumb asses who do not understand why we act kindly with them? And then they catch you unaware to ask you – am i the best? or something like ain’t i the best performer out here?…. GOD HELP ALL THE LUNATICS! What do they think of themselves? First you act lightly with them and then you get kicked on your stomach for showing them the real you. That is why I say stay the Steely Lion or the Clobbering Gorilla who will never budge from their behavioural antics…

Stay connected to get more of these high-voltage GYAANS!!!  On the other hand, If you do wish to stay normal and cranky (how is that possible only the similar ones will understand) visit this space…


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