Saw the flash of it

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

While waiting for the metro to come, I see what I was bound to see. The aura and the fragrance steals my breath. I am submersed in Floyd’s directives but still I see the flashes. Just before the train arrives, I see the image hop on to some other compartment. Flashes of a gone era comes to the forefront.

The sweet sounds in the playground, the gushes of chit-chats fills the compartment. Floyd burns bright with the memories of the sweet faces. We hold on till the image gets down somewhere I do not notice. I see the flashes of it. I hear the voices I somewhat know – I cannot get hold, neither do I have the power nor do I have the strength to get up and pull off.

There goes my nobody – there goes a blinding factor. There goes the flash, a tender wind with the smooth mildness of a Havana Cigar – There goes the light, here comes the darkness.

And then I sing ‘Here comes the teardrops, Bitter they are, Harder they Fall’…..

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