LSD – a Kieslowski style film which lost out a bit

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Watched Dibakar Bannerji’s LSD – ‘Love Sex Aur Dhoka’ yesterday. After much cajoling from my friend, I went for the film. I would not dare say that I enjoyed it but yes I found Dibakar to spin a ‘Kieslowski’ style filmic web. The shot continuity, detailing and sequential story telling style is very new for the Indian film industry.

Director Dibakar has definitely fallen short in making a nicely knit film but he has travelled in a very different territory and that is praiseworthy. LSD is good in patches because of the different story telling style. After quite some time Dibakar has changed from humour and sarcasm to try his hands on shockers and dark themes. Although the start was a bit loose and obvious but the sharp turn and hard hitting shots in the end reminded me of Maupassant! Well if not Maupassant’s twists and sharp climax – Dibakar at least remained his excellent¬† best in driving his film through hard waters.

Hardly do I get to see films with intriguing deeply carved scripts. At least the present times have given space to directors like Bannerji and films like LSD to take  a seat somewhere up there. Today Indian audience gives space to mostly all kinds and genres of films. One must watch it to understand what I am talking about.


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