What did I say about LSD

Posted: March 24, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Whatever I said and talked about LSD – ‘Love, Sex Aur Dhoka’ was right. Well people have this habit of accepting words., thoughts and ideas only when there is a lot of media talk about it. I had just written how LSD was different as a film. Dibakar’s finesse was upheld in my blabbering. I could take it much when some LS nut-heads from the space started saying that the film was boring!

How can one find the film boring when they actually do not know what film making actually is!?? You do not need to read the biography of the director to understand the film. All you need a little brain which is hell bent on understanding the passion for good cinema and finer nuances and skills of film making. As a small part of the new-age film patron I loved the film all because of the treatment and the script.

Director Dibakar has shown everything that is linked with the Indian youth and the turmoils and entrapment  that surround their free mind. There is everything new in the film – the amateurish dreams of  a novice film maker to a sting operative group/media to the lust and needs of money and sex in youth. You name it and the film shows it all and that too without a hint of hackneyed patches.

The great connectivity (in all the three stories) is obviously one thing that touched me deep. Besides this there are all the current issues that trouble our minds. It is a film that is surely a must watch. All the aspiring film makers must make it a point to watch this film in order to understand the great art of story telling.

It was obviously not a surprise for me to expect Dibakar’s usual gift of story telling since I am already a huge fan of his. With films like Khosla Ka Ghosla and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye there is only one thing I could remember while watching LSD – Way to go Dibs!! You must not at any point listen to some uncle, aunties or censor board lunatics while you think hard on your next script. I will be waiting for a nest THUD to take place very soon. Obviously this will come from the people who will be falling off their seats all shocked and shattered because you did not desire to satiate their filmic taste!


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