I see it coming…

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

Rightly do they say that when you least expect something is the thing placed and well garnished in front of you without you having zero inkling about it all. I felt as if you could hear the sound of my heartbeat today. All the deafening noises and the dirty heat within the box could not save you from falling back on me time and again. Never could I imagine that there could possibly be such a crisscross of cosmic connections.

It seems ages when I talked to my buddy about the connection. But the truth is the existential dilemma has crept in so hard that I have leniently forgotten the depth of time and space. I was too shocked to even reply to your sweet nothings. I would rightly ask for your forgiveness as I know there is very little possibility of you ever knowing what all this is about or even the fact that you exist so brightly out here inside me!

The ride with you will surely be alive for many more days to come. Your words and soothing charms will encourage me to take it to another step ahead. Though I know all this, perhaps will never be the same, I still dream and will always take you as my theme for the thing I see (saw) coming.

I never knew my answers would be there in front of me and in such a haste. But I always knew what I saw coming. I still see it coming, whether you will come the same way you came. I will see you coming…


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