Posted: May 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

I always used to think that I was a much misunderstood, misjudged and much misinterpreted an individual. Rightly did I believe that. Only recently did I receive a big jolt in getting negated in my misinterpreted and misunderstood part. I have got what it takes to be understood… Thanks to…

Besides that everything else remains the same. The messy employer-employee and value building levels have remained the same. I have fallen harder each time. With the years of experience increasing, I have been pushed harder into the pits. The pits have never felt so comfortable. They have given me a much desired comfort that even the pushing individuals could not imganine.

I felt like I have remained in a nice and soothing bed just when I was kicked and pushed hard. Such has been the pit’s power that even a Marijuana could not do this trick. I am happy that rightly have I been what I always thought and believed of the professional world and the people living in here….

I will stay… for some say that the more you stay and hold on, the more you give yourself to turn you into a hardened professional. Could anyone just tell me what was the meaning of being professional?? Is it some kind of a disease where only the real have-nots rule the top?? What about the ones who make the house dream of bigger dreams and in no time make those dreams turn into reality?

Calling all you lonely and cold, hardened images out there. Don’t be shy, but I request you to be what you are, where you are and who you are…


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