Insane Peace

Posted: August 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

When the time is right to show all the madness and irked expressions, I find myself thrown inside a strange calm bubble. I cannot fathom what is wrong. There is a bit of confusion and a lot of unknown factors that is creating a wave in my area of work. But I do not seem to see all this commotion. It is as if something has taken me over….

There is indeed something that has kept me all calm, and that is love and a tiny celebration of life. I have found freedom and true self. After a long time have I seen myself in this mode, enjoying the status of being loved and taking care of secretly kept emotions.

I can see more clearly now, I can breathe freely, I dare to dream with the boldness that had left me few years back. Well I seem to have got back the “angie’s motion” back. I feel at peace more often… I dunno how it all came by and how it all just made an entry into my dull life forced to stay closed to all kind of humanly ripples…. YOU HAVE MADE IT HAPPEN!

Yes it’s you who took me, it’s you who saw through to bring me out of my self-imposed exile… thank u is all i have to say although it would sound so bad…. i do not have anything but a thank u to hit the right chord my mind has thought of playing…. u make it all possible, i never was a fine combination of a nice fabled individual and a dreamy eyed human who knows no one destination…. u made it possible… now i dream and i keep my feet on the ground, i believe in myself and also the dreams that i had boxed up in a small corner…. please be there and keep me shining, be there and hold my hand till, let’s say, end of time??……… 🙂


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