How easily things are said and done…

Posted: August 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

I need to borrow in order to start. ūüėÄ

‘I can see clearly now’… Well yes, words are thrown in and thrown at, day in and day out. People whom we sadly believe to be humans do not think much and blurt out their shit (that is humanly expressions in the form of sentences or words). I at times find¬†myself¬†in a weird situation where I cannot even react nor give a proper reply to those words, because I do not think it is necessary to reply to idiotic expressions all the time.

Zen’s sayings suggest that silence is not defeat but a conscious way to ward off all those impediments that block the path of stable MOKSHA. I found it apt not to react to a friend’s sick joke on a social networking site where that person had idiotically commented on a picture of mine (the comment turned extremely mean and an attack on the personal boundaries!). I dunno what made that person think that the words were justifed or whether they were right to bring out at that point of time. As far as I could remember that same person has innumerable secrets and shortcomings. I have never cared to point them. This same person has shared many personal secrets with me which I have never cared to bring out into the open.

Now I know why they say РNever show your true self to all and sundry (also read lesser humans). I have learnt yet another lesson to hear, breathe and see in silence. Silence is important. My life has made silence the most important thing. When the time is ripe and when the time is perfect to strike/reply/fight I have often stuck to silence. Silence is a conscious approach to stay normal, to stay clean and to stay stable (in the conscious-subconscious stratas).

It is not really important how a person says things but what I believe is the approach and the right motives should reflect on your human expressions (apparently). The person who sadly is a friend do not quite understand that the statements made on common things actually go on to state the individual’s state of mind and the individual’s approach towards life and other humans (at times who turn out to be¬†friends, companions or even mere fellow peers).

However I am not saying that as a follower Buddhism I did not get hurt or that I did not have any kind of thoughts cross my mind that hurt my inner orbits. But what I am saying is that I have kept silent most of the times in my life, when apparently the most significant thing to do was to speak up and speak out. I have always believed that humans who do not speak much attain the highest paths of unattainable freedom (freedom to be, freedom of consciousness).


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