Kolkata Cops gearing up well for the mad Pujo rush

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Well well well! Our good old Kolkata seems to be having a gush of alert movements. Kudos to Kolkata Police. The cops here are trying hard (and have come up with good results as well) to bring back an honourable status. THE DURGA PUJO as we all know starts much before Goddess Durga actually comes to earth. The mad shoppers’ rush and the heavy disgusting traffic snarls make life for daily commuters a living hell. But this time we are seeing a sea change in the Kolkata Traffic management.

Besides a keen eye on taxi refusals, road deviations and traffic management Kolkata Cops have also brought out several public awareness journals and campaigns. It is really good to see how the public service (almost forgotten till now) department of Kolkata Police has tried and acted promptly to be with the city and the common people day and night.

I was quite surprised to see civil clothes policemen helping out commuters to take the right roads and the right crossings.  There have been special supplements and teasers spread on regular basis by the Kolkata Police which have dealt with public safety issues.

Durga Pujo is a festival of massive celebrations. Keeping that in mind and several other stray incidents (that are linked with security and public safety) cops have given out telephone numbers of several crime and civil issues departments. The public will now be free to report any untoward incident happening with him/her or within the locality or even anywhere he/she is going during the Pujas.

Often we have abused and foul mouthed the cops for staying inactive or deaf towards situations but with the current positive attitude shown by the cops we give THUMBS UP to our cops. Three Cheers! Let us all welcome Durga Pujo with a safe and sound environment and a very secured feeling that has been aroused by the Kolkata Police.


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