Can’t believe Sourav has been snubbed!

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Why does this always happen to the deserving ones? Everywhere there is the same thing doing the rounds – Sourav Ganguly the leading Kolkata Knight Riders man has been snubbed for reasons other than cricket and ability as a true player of the game! I am still in a state of shock. I really cannot take the fact that Sourav has been snubbed by all the franchises. Why has this been such a simple affair?

I can state that I am looking at the matter from a very neutral platform. Sourav was a performer and probably one of the best teammates that we ever saw in the “true spirit” of the game. Ganguly being snubbed by not just KKR but all the franchises, brings to light the blatant presence of politics in the “game” of cricket.

Can anyone tell me what has become and how? If we get our facts clear, Sourav was the most successful cricketer in all the IPLs. Sourav got most number of Man of the Match awards while playing for KKR. Sourav had not let down the KKR team by any means. All the controversies surrounding him were led by the media and the KKR management.

It is not that you have to be somebody’s fan in order to come out with your blog, etc! I was taken aback as to what is wrong in the system that has led to this? Lalit Modi should surely be reconsidered. All the present day controversies related to Franchises’ upperhandedness with players and all the politics surrounding IPL needs to be looked into. The question is surely not just about the 28 players being snubbed but how transparent is the IPL system?


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