why amy winehouse of all people??

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

why does god or whoever up there it is do it over and over again, take away the most talented and much loved people? it is hard to let down the news of amy winehouse’s death all so easily. i of all people have listened and worshipped amy’s voice and albums. they had everything that was needed to make the right kind of music in the times when the meaning of music was getting faded more often than not.

i do not understand why are talents taken away so fast and so easily from us? any winehouse was not just a powerhouse of talent but an exemplary and iconic musician of all times. her strong, powerful and soulfully vibrant voice will always remain alive in our ears and heart. i cant really say how hard it is for me to express all this in words. she was a very close artist to me as i was a religious follower of her life, performances, records, albums and times.

all the maddening news of drug overdose being the cause of her death doing the rounds has made me feel like yell out at all of them who are doing this evil thing of spreading the bad news about this great artist. we cannot comment on a dead person’s possible causes of death until we actually get the real news – the news from her autopsy will be brought out late in the night today. according to initial reports it is believed that she has died of a seizure and that too while taking alcohol and not the alleged drugs.

amy’s talent will ever remain fresh, alive and young in the days to come. such a fine voice full of soul,jazz,rock and pop flavour was never owned by anyone in the past and will possibly be never owned by any other artist in future! we, the followers of amy’s music pray for amy’s soul to rest in peace and may she be born as amy winehouse all very soon for us to get over the shock of missing her!


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