suprises to come

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

i won’t reveal! well, not that i’m off to become a terrorist or someone like Anna Hazare but something good is what I see coming my way. Apple has already announced the possibility of launching a much cheaper iPhone. i’m sure my surprises will have nothing to do with the usual news about people, places or things. this can also be about the recent scientific finding of higgs-boson particle range weakening. but none of it is seemingly near…

neither can we touch gold, nor can we fast properly (as there is too much eating involved in fasting!) at the moment. so we are sickly left with the economic condition of the world and all the maddening politics of war surrounding us. There is no good news as Libya is being drooled upon by the leading nations of the world.

Whatever be the case every morning we will be getting up to a warm cup of coffee/tea and a handpicked fresh bunch of hot and bloody news! that is what the surprises will be of! let us wait for who knows what – may be a free jam-filled doughnut!! šŸ˜€


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