Shocking West Bengal Government’s plea to the centre!

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

It is quite a shocking news for me. The news of the morning welcomed me with a great jolt. The WB government is all set to ask for a 3 months’ package from the centre to save the state from more ‘saturation’. As if it was not there. However, my point here is why aren’t the state’s probable measures for the future of West Bengal finance being discussed or displayed by the WB government. A state does have the right to ask for financial packages from the centre but there should be some graceful pointers brought forward as well. I do not see any of it presented by either our honourable¬† state finance minister or our CM!!

WB needs serious help in bailing itself out from the astronomical debt figures. I agree the state plea but what I do not agree with is the nonchalance and the lacunae on the new WB government’s part to come out in the open with visible steps to save the state and add to the treasuries. CM has already shown her enough honest measures of puling in money for the WB state treasury but the state needs an ocean of hope when only drops of it are being added!!

Probably the existing series of shocks weren’t enough. That is the reason why this morning started off on this note.


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