On the Versey – Hilley trail

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I just ended my Sikkim tour. Some of my friends suggested that I lost some weight and some others were way too excited to jot down all the details of the rough trekking trail I took from Hilley to Versey in western Sikkim. This was my first trip to this amazing side of the world where at every step there were possibilities of meeting a red panda, a cheetah or a grizzly bear!

The strenuous hike of 9 kilometers up and down the trail did take away all the human energies but gave back all that I could ever wish for – peace, sanity, connection with mother nature and deep impact of KANCHENJANGHA on my mind and heart. Versey was out of this world. My words can only be soaked by the ones who have actually experienced staying here.

The place has only two lodge-like facilities so one can imagine the number of people putting up. The extreme levels of calm and serenity was something that could stir up a thinking mind. One can easily while away hours sitting in full view of the mountains.

The trekking trail was tiresome but the sheer intensity of excitement and enthusiasm to keep walking makes this place earn 5 stars on the international trekking map. Versey-Hilley or Hilley-Versey is the trail that changes ideas, lives and though processes. A person betters himself in connecting with nature and its strange wings!

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