What’s Love Gotta Do With It

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Actually, I’m not sure why I gave my entry this particular heading, but I can tell you that Love indulges itself in everything we go through at some point of our lives. I cannot believe that I actually went on to right the first line. Since childhood I always thought of love as an energy that could generate only loss and nothing else meaning – L- Loss  O- Of  V- Valuable E- Energy.
But as time went by I sobered down and started acting weird (coz normal is my way obviously!!).

Then there came the present times when I am stopping myself every moment to not love and stay away from all its phases. It is hard when a person falls in love and has to stay away from it for all the wrong reasons. And to top it, love is usually believed to be felt without rhyme or reason!!

To start with a scientific approach (If I may! :P), When do you really think you have fallen in love?

I could formulate only a few points that could showcase the troublesome antics of love!

1. You start doing all the things the person you love usually does.

2. All the meaningless mush attract you like wild bees.

3. All kinds of films and songs that is heard by your love interest goes inside your head and does not ever intend to come out.

4. You start believing in the things you never really believed in or was a bit skeptical of like not telling lies, not leading a wayward life, behaving extreme normal when actually it is a pain to even walk properly.

5. You wait for that one call, text, communication from his/her end which you know will make you go off to sleep (at least after so many number of days and nights!).

6. You act foolish in spite of giving yourself sessions/classes/grooming of extreme levels to not show how you feel inside.

7. All your words, scraps, public messages are edited, thought over again and again before publishing as you are so conscious about being in the light. But the actual picture is so grim – the person does not even get to know what and how you are communicating.

8. Foolish acts also include crying all by yourself without any reason whatsoever!!

9. For the first time you stop praying for anything related to you but start praying for the other person.

I hope no one loves the way the world does, but start to step in the world of love that I had believed in. Only then may be someday there would be no more sounds of breaking hearts heard from nowhere people usually tread….

  1. Sharmita Mohapjix says:

    uffffff..!!!!!! \m/ kudos to u…..


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