BUD adds itself to other letters and creates a world of happiness

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Budweiser, Bud, Buddy or Buddha – Bud makes a fine start in all of them. There are times when making up for a loss is done by calling up a buddy or looking at Buddha, drowning all of it in a bottle of ‘Bud’ or simple by looking at the bud of a flower.

So here all I am trying to put is BUD is a world of happiness in itself. There will never be such a fine expression of complete magnificence as is embedded in the word ‘Bud’. You must force yourself (as you must have already lost control by entering my blog!) to continue reading in order to nod more.

The original focus behind this post was to write about buddy and flowery approaches surrounding it. But then I thought why not think of buddy-hood or friendship in a completely different light. A bud usually shows the world that a bigger and better picture is about to take place, quite similar to all the words I have mentioned.

A bud adds itself in all the words to give them a movement much like a friend does to an individual. In order to call one his/her buddy one needs to see the blossoming of the bud. In order to become a true Buddhist one needs to get enlightened from the very beginning just like a bud does before becoming a flower! A Budweiser starts off really light but a person willing to drown all his/her glories can surely get attuned to its glory (much like a bud of a flower).


  1. Sharmita Mohapjix says:

    its vry diffrnt & realy nyc.. 🙂


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