Forced Words and Meaningful Silence

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Some of us are born with the talent to suppress our emotions and some are taken in by the sweeping storm of feelings, pangs, desires and impulses. It really feels strange when after ages, you find yourself inadequate to express properly. Which is why you resort to your gift of the gab!! Silence has its magic wand but as a magician why cannot we use it at the right time and in the right track?!

The sad part of this story gets realized when you are in the middle of a conversation with a friend you know for long, and that you play it quick, with force and incessantly. There have often been times when words and actions have been forced (not chewed over!!) in spite of your heart’s suggestions to stay the you are and the way you have been so far. But why do our heads try and keep smothering the magical wonderland of meaningful silence?

Soon after finishing off a not-so-meaningful yet regretful conversation, you start to contemplate as to where you went wrong and why? Also what are the initiation points for your strange action (you never really get to the bottom of it!).

By nature, some of us are extrovert among friends but a bit reticent by nature. This often instigates one to analyze and judge one’s actions and words persistently. We often fall short of words and relevant means of expression for a particular happening or moment. But the only thing that gets you to rebuke yourself is the very fact that how can you be so foolish and analytical when you are talking with an old friend?!

Well the only answer to this can be – stand up, stop smiling to yourself, make yourself happy for at least a day and accept whatever is true (even if that means you have to look down at yourself and hate yourself for no fault of yours!)

I think being aware of one’s wit is one thing and accepting one’s woes is another. Even a strong person may fail to rise and shine everyday in a similar manner. The reason being his/her sense of forced silence and meaningful words… 🙂


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